We can create high-resolution mosaic images of residential and commercial properties. These images can be used for all types of documentation, and can contain many layers of information such as GPS data, slope angle and area, and more.

Service Capabilities

Midwest weather and time can bring forth a lot of issues for buildings and properties.  Protect your investment and business by letting us get you all the data you need for insurance claims and documentation before / after damage.  We can help reduce the strain of adjusters by providing high definition images and video.

High definition mosaic images created using hundreds of photos giving the ability to zoom in for exceptional detail.

Precise measurements using gps locational data ensures efficient material procurement and that quotes are accurate. 

Efficient Data Collection

Reduce adjuster field time.  Get access to inaccessible areas including after a disaster.


Eliminate safety risks associated with inspecting structures.  Less time on roofs and the ability to stay out of hazardous areas.

Precise and Data Driven

More documented photographic evidence than a basic inspection.  Establish base line property conditions to use later as references to detect fraudulent activity.

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