Promote Quality and Precision

High definition photos with GPS data, CAD integration abilities, and accurate elevation and volumetric data.

Reduce Costs

Know where to go, where you have been, and use our detailed mosaic photos to plan ahead.

Stay on Schedule

Utilize digital surface models to stay on schedule by keeping key stakeholders informed.

Aerial Surveys

UAS surveys are a cost effective alternative to traditional surveys.  Current UAS and post processing technology make it possible to survey large areas of terrain in a short period of time.  On-board GPS and Ground Control Points (GCPs) enable locational accuracy of 2"-4"  in plan and 4"-6" in height.

  • Digital Elevation Models

  • 2D & 3D Digital Surface Models

  • Digital Terrain Models


Construction and Mining 

Success in the industry is hinged on efficiency, quality, and schedule adherence.  Large construction companies manage projects all over the world.  Due to strict contract terms it is vital that executive leaders remain informed about the progress of their projects.  Delays result in contractual penalties and damaged customer relationships.

  • Site planning and preparation

  • Watershed Management

  • Site monitoring

  • Inventory management

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Precision agriculture is a relatively new farming management concept that involves aerial monitoring of crops.  The approach allows farmer to respond to potential issues and to allocate resources according to crop need.  This approach increases yields and reduces cost for farmers.

  • Crop health monitoring

  • Visible, Thermal, and NDVI inspections

  • Resource management

  • Preventative Measures

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